Erasmus+ Programme is the new programme to be implemented by the European Union in the field of education and youth, replacing the Lifelong Learning and Youth in Action Programmes implemented between 2007-2013. Although it is mainly based on project activities, it also includes individual activities.

ERASMUS+ Higher Education Programme is a European Union programme to encourage higher education institutions to cooperate with each other and the business world.

It provides free financial support for higher education institutions to produce and implement joint projects with each other and to carry out short-term student and staff exchanges. In addition, it also encourages the enhancement of relations and cooperation between higher education institutions and the working environment in order to develop the higher education system in accordance with the needs of the business world and to increase the employability of university graduates in the business world.

The aim of the programme is to improve the quality of higher education in Europe. It seeks to achieve this objective by promoting inter-country cooperation between higher education institutions; ensuring the mobility of students and staff of higher education institutions in Europe; contributing to the development of academic recognition and transparency of studies and degrees obtained in the countries participating in the programme.

On the other hand, in Europe, which offers higher quality higher education, graduates will be better equipped and more responsive to the expectations of the business world. With the mobility opportunities it offers, the programme also serves to break down the prejudices in the perception of European peoples in higher education circles.

Agricultural Biotechnology Erasmus+ Coordinator: Assoc. Prof Aysun ÖZÇELİK

Akdeniz University PIC number: 998145036

Akdeniz University Erasmus code: TR ANTALYA01

Akdeniz University OID number: E10200131

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