Vision and Mission


Our mission is to research, develop, produce, and provide high-quality, high-yielding, resilient, and cost-effective production materials needed by the agricultural sector using advanced technical and technological methods. We aim to disseminate the accumulated knowledge and experience through both academic publications and the agricultural engineers graduating from our department, serving the needs of producers. We strive to bring the latest agricultural technologies from advanced countries to our country by closely monitoring developments in agriculture. Additionally, we aim to train human resources equipped with biotechnological knowledge, skills, and experience through widespread practical education in well-equipped laboratories. By ensuring timely and sufficient agricultural production, we seek to reduce import inputs and contribute to eliminating dependency on external sources.


Our vision is to become an exemplary department that utilizes biotechnological methods to provide solutions to the existing problems in agriculture in our country. We aim to educate forward-thinking, inquisitive, and analytical students who can employ the latest techniques and technologies. We strive to be a preferred choice for international students and scientists, foster collaborations, and actively engage in transformative partnerships. Our department aims to undertake international projects and provide guidance to producers and industrial organizations through the knowledge, technology, and production materials we generate. By doing so, we aim to contribute to the development of our country and be a role model in terms of commitment to collaboration and embracing change.


The aim is to conduct scientific research in the field of Agricultural Biotechnology, produce knowledge and production materials that can meet the needs of the agricultural sector, and educate highly competent students and staff in this field.


  1. Facilitate the transfer of necessary technology and knowledge and enhance infrastructure capabilities.

  2. Develop superior plant and animal varieties using molecular biotechnology and conventional breeding methods.

  3. Improve modern plant and animal farming techniques, develop genotypes resistant to diseases and pests.

  4. Strive to develop environmentally friendly production methods that do not disrupt ecological balance.

  5. Facilitate the development of breeding plant and animal populations required by domestic and foreign producers.

  6. Identify and incorporate domestic genetic resources into cultivation.

  7. Train researchers who can generate and develop universal knowledge and technology.

  8. Educate Agricultural Engineers equipped with modern knowledge and experience required by the agricultural market.

  9. Establish the necessary research and education infrastructure to contribute maximum support to breeding programs, especially in vegetable breeding and seed production, taking into account the agricultural potential of our region.

By achieving these objectives, the aim is to accelerate the advancement of our country, particularly in vegetable breeding and seed production, by harnessing the potential of biotechnological methods while considering the agricultural potential of our region.

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